This blog started with  50  elements of organisational beauty.

The elements show the various aspects of an organisation that make it more than a collection of functions. Although important, it seldom are the pure utilitarian goals that form the organisation. There is more to experiencing the beauty of an organisation, than functional charts or spreadsheets with the performance indicators of an organisation. The 50 elements discuss aspects that make an organistion something that moves people and make them more then willing to be part of it as a customer, an employee or a business partner. Elements that guide the design and shaping of an organisation. Elements that will come from other realms than the common business practice.

The ground to cover while thinking about organisational beauty is large and at the same time scarcely mapped. That limits  any realistic ambition and asks for a fair share of modesty. Having said that, the goal is to start the journey through this terra incognita and share the impressions, insights and ideas with you, the reader.

The insights and stories of this blog have been transformed into a book.

The video below shows the content.

There remain a couple of copies to be sold for € 50,-, which can be ordered by sending an e-mail  to

Hein Duijnstee

1 comment
  1. Cees Onderwater said:

    Hallo Hein, zojuist heb ik het adres van je ‘elements of organisational beauty’ ge(re)tweet; zo te zien als eerste, een bedenkelijke eer. Ik heb bewondering voor je niet aflatende activiteit op dit gebied. ik ga ook je tweets volgen. Op een komende zonnige dag maar weer eens broodje gaan eten samen!!

    Warme groet, Cees

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