Whose border is it anyway?


Sketching about the borders of an organisation to discover new insights into what an organisation is in relationship with the world it operates in, starts with the  supposition that the borders belong to that organisation and that it can be designed as an essential (even existential) part of that organisation.

And this also what marketeers, brand managers, pr advisors believe.

Taking a different look shows the border as a kind of impartial line. Both sides of the line are equally important. It emphasises that the form at one side is deeply connected with the other side. Both sides shape each other.

That perspective puts a limitation (and is not that what a lot of organisational leaders actually experience?) on the ability to unilaterally shape the organisation. And at the same time, it might provide new inroads for better management and more meaningful organisations.

1 comment
  1. Cees Onderwater said:

    Prachtige aflevering van deze serie! Hiermee wordt afgerekend met de praktijk dat organisaties zichzelf in het middelpunt (van het universum) plaatsen. Tevens wordt een realistischer beeld van de werkelijkheid geschetst én een lokkend perspectief geboeden (‘better management and more meaningful organisations’).


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