Is the outsider’s longing to be part of the organisation an impossibility created by the organisation itself?


Openness as promoted by organisations (and its advisers) seems like a kind of holy grail, the ultimate goal to strive for. But we should be realistic here, because real openness where the border cease to exist is a fata morgana, something that can never be reached.

In advocating openness and making people long for being somehow part of the organisation (in whatever capacity), organisation should be honest and fair: there will remain a distinction between an outsider and an insider, that is the very nature of any organisation.

After these words of warning, it is indeed great to interact with your environment. As an organisation, you can build long-lasting relationships and the outsiders can connect with your views and values.  You can provide super services and dead gorgeous products that enlighten customers and help them achieve their goals and meet their emotional and physical needs.

This paradoxes makes what happens at the border to insanely interesting.


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