The organisation as a bordered collection of functions in the complex continuum of value creation


The value that an organisation creates, is often part of a much larger and complex continuum of value configurations.

The word configuration expresses the fact an organisation is part of more than just a single value chain. The configuration encapsulates the interference, the reinforcement, the interdependency and sometimes the contradiction of multiple activities as executed by a myriad of  actors and entities.

We could regard organisation as a collection of functions in that configuration, that is somehow specifically  managed as a unity. By doing so part of the complexity is boxed. And by that the organisation is different from other parts of the configuration and in that difference lies the existence of the border. The border delineated the special part from the rest.

At the same time implies the fact that the organisation is part of something bigger, a kind of interaction (exchange of value).

The border is thus both the separation and the connection. The perspective of the organisation as part of a configuration makes that even clearer.


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