The new boundaries created by partnerships have to overcome dilemmas and make smart trade-offs

It is a good thing of the current economic and business landscape that organisations actually cooperate and do not try to do every things themselves. In some case organisation join forces to make a unique indent into the market.

Such organisations fill each other gaps in the total of the offering. Fast moving consumer goods companies work together with retailers, tire manufactures with car producers, celebrity guest editors with magazines, apps designers with the Facebook. All examples of synergy towards the market.

One of the more tricky things are the new (virtual) borders of interaction that are created. What is what and who is who? Do we connect with McDonald or with Coca Cola, ordering a Coke at McDonalds?

It is an interesting fuzzy area filled with blurry contours, that can result in powerful engagements  or messed-up let downs. Designing new virtual contours requires balanced trade-offs targeted to stated  mutual goals and solutions to dilemma’s that touch the essence of cooperation.


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