the 50th element of organisational beauty must be beauty itself (#organisationdesign)

In the previous 49 elements of organisational beauty I explored the quality of beauty in organizations. I covered organisational beauty in terms of characteristics, the mind-set, ideas, principles, examples, insights, suggestions. I tried to explain and grap the dimensions of organisation design that incorporates aspects of beauty. I encouraged the readers to overcome fear, think deeply, leave traditional paths, enlarge their pallet of interventions and allign the essence and meaning of their organisation in how the organisation is designed, materialized and experienced.

All these elements were more of less presented as a kind of universal truths.

This last element of organisational beauty is written from a more personal perspective. My personal believes, intention and wonderment with redefining the forms and materialization of organisation to allow beauty to come into view, has always been present. Now I intend to make that personal viewpoint explicit.

For me it is obvious that in the end the beauty itself can not be left out as an element of organisational beauty. It is too important and too special in all its mysteriousness. It is very concreet and abstract at the same time. And when experiencing beauty, it leaves me speechless while at the same time I want to shout it out. Beauty as the experience of wonder.

Beauty, for me, touches the essence of human beings, both in the ability to feel and experience beauty and in the ability to create it. For me it is about the drive  to surpass the just usefulness and about the strong urge to express believes and ideas. And the drive to create beauty goes hand in hand with a longing for beauty, for the excitement of experiencing something which is created  that is beyond imagination, beyond the obvious. Beauty reminds me of what I and others, in a positive sense, are capable of. Beauty has that unique position between the ratio of the mind and the love of the heart.

And that human aspect makes beauty for me an unavoidable element to consider when it comes to thinking about and designing organisations, because organisation are also such a very typically human artifact. The human kind has developed an enormous diversity originations. There is a great variety in form and purpose of organisations. And nobody else than we ourselves choose those forms. Nature has little to do with organisations, organisation are man made. Organisation define us as human beings, unorganized people do not survive both physically and mentally.

And in that combination of those two very human characteristics lies my fascination. When I and others are part of something we shape ourselves, I and others can choose our pathway. I think that there is a pathway that comes naturally, a pathway that can not be ignored. And that is the pathway of wonder and humanity, the pathway of beauty.

I hope that the 49 elements of organisational beauty I have covered so far, encourage others to embrace beauty itself as a truly great element in organisation design.






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