embrace the magic. explicitely and implicitly and explicitly and implicitly, and again. it is beauty, maybe beyond #organisationdesign

A moment of achievement, of insight, of happiness, of creation, of believe, of epiphany, of satisfaction, of will power, of energy. There are incredible  moments in my life where life is bigger than I. I encounter moments in my creative work, when I get a great idea that I know is going to work. There are moments when I work with people, where we come in a flow of mutual understanding and hyper-inspiration. There are moments of just working that have an intense feeling of tranquility, concentration, confidence and result. Moments of energy and certainty and mystery at the same time. Moments that come unexpectedly and bring unexpected results. Moments of opportunity, moments of magic.

Allowing those moments to come and reaping the results when they come is nothing less then embracing the magic, so I experience and believe.

People working in the creative sector, will recognise these moments. The unplanned, the coincidental moments of truth. They bring solutions beyond reasoning, that are immediately grabbed and worked on.

Recognising these extraordinary moments and cherishing them can bring a lot of benefits to a lot of organisations:

  • It is an antidote for narcism and ego building. You can only be grateful for a moment of magic, it is never a personal achievement.
  • The occurrence of the magic is helped by focus, knowledge, curiosity, dialogue. Not bad attitudes for an organisation in any way.
  • Learning to embrace magic is good for people’s personal development for its mix of humbleness and optimistic power.
  • It brings joy and satisfaction to all (be aware of magic killing cynicism).
  • It allows room to get real great results, the ‘magic’ solutions are beyond our rationality and embracing the magic is an excellent cure for mediocracy.

Incorporating the embracement of magic in organisations is paradoxical, because you can not force magic. But there are small iterative steps that may help. Making the idea of embracing the magic explicit (like I do with this blog), helps to create awareness with people. After a first initiative, leave it. Let things happen, do not manage, repeat: do not manage. And after a while see whether the magic has done its work and recognise and celebrate the moments of sheer magic. More aware and experienced, it is again time to hold management back and leave it once more. And after some time, recognise and celebrate again. Leave it, etc.

And a strong awareness and the mastery of embracement will emerge, with long lasting beauty.






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