between eternal values and zeitgeist for beauty in #organisational design

The need to provide for loved ones, the curiosity that moves people to go beyond what is known, the paradox of differentiating from others and belonging to groups, the longing for recognition, are examples of human drivers that do not change so much over time. These elements bind people in time and space and shape common humanity.

At the same time, all periods have their own characteristics in terms of shifting powers and waves of progress and decline in technology and liberated thinking and expression.

In most thinking about organisational design, the focus is on the changes in the current state of affairs. The zeitgeist is always present whether it is in a desire for control and predictability or in the waiving prospects of sustainability and empowered networks. Organisation design should provide the answers to what is thought and felt as being specific for the social and economic conditions of an era. It is the drive (or excuse) for change. A most powerful force.

But the trends that lay at the roots of these period specific actions, are highly abstract views on an dehumanized umfeld. The reactions or pro-active actions are dominated by a similar abstraction and inevitable logic. The terms are adoption, technology, cooperation, speed, transparency, growth, (difficult) choice, leadership. The focus on the current changes tend to lead to myopia and organisational leaders miss out the power of  deeper human values and needs. And by doing so they forgo a source of inspiration and creativity.

Beautiful organisation incorporate both eternal human values and zeitgeist. The force of change combined with opportunity of humanity (with its good and bad sides) provides unique solutions for progress. Working with the attributes what makes us human will avoid  dogmas while the current developments in state of the world with a accompanying mindset guides effective actions. Both approaches together create answers for contemporary beauty.






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