the beauty of the actual working environment in #organisationdesign

It takes a great amount of skills and lots of determination to design a beautiful organisation. The mix of the unfamiliarity of the concept, the deeper thinking and awareness that is required and the still undiscovered forms of organizations, make it not the easiest task ahead.

This blog is about the challenge, the promise and the hope to provide some good ideas that help in this process of creating better and more beautiful organisations. Inspiration comes form various sources and translating them to the realm of organisation design is a rewarding exercise. It helps to discover new perspectives and supports the creative design process.

But there is more to it than the concepts and ideas. In all organizations there is an actual structure and there are current practices and interaction. Organisations have their own dynamic. It is this actual working of the organisation, that is also a source for inspiration. There are bright spots in every organisation, where there is something special, something that has an element of beauty . It could be the ways people meet and take decisions or the common ingenuity and determination to solve problems. These actual situation in the working environment are inspirational and sources for enhancements and improvement. Looking for them is a must.

When thinking about beauty in organisation and designing new forms, it is in the end how the people that constitute the organisation bring it into practice. That is the proof of the pudding. And not only the proof, but it is also the source of satisfaction for the designers. It is not the design, but what it does to people that counts. How it is enjoyed, how it inspires, how it helps people shine, is the real beauty.

So, the beauty is not only very much more than a concept – it is the actual experience of the people that encounter it-, that actual experience is also a source for creating more beauty.





Look for the beauty.


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