the section as a revealing and necessary view, also in #organisationdesign

For architect the section is a very useful way for spatial thinking and creating interesting solution. Although rendered 3d images provide great impressions of the design, the section is where it big decisions are made, where the dimension of space is added, where the true experiences are thought out.

In organisation design the traditional tool is the organisation chart, a rather one-dimensional representation of mostly hierarchical structures. There are also alternative graphs, like matrices or networks, that represent other elements of an organisation. What is truly missing in the graphical vocabulary of organisation design is the section, a view of the internal workings and the elements that constitute the so important additional dimensions. Dimensions like the social and intellectual relationships. Elements like the underlying business logic and value creation. Dynamics like movements and transformations.

Only drawing the plan not only leaves too much space open for false interpretations, it  also reduces the options for exiting new relationships and interaction between organisational elements. The handicap of the missing section needs to be helped. And although there may not yet be a clear and accepted way to draw and express that third dimension in organisation design, that is no excuse not to try.





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