proof of the pudding of #organisationdesign is in the experience

El Bulli, the famous restaurant of Adrian Ferran closed last month, for good. At nearly the same time, the film El Bulli,cooking in progress was released. Mr Ferran worked six months in winter to research and develop new dishes and his restaurant was only open during  the summer months. The film is a very interesting account of what happened in the 2008/2009 season. A hard working staff that in no way wants to let down the hyper critical chef who is sparse with his words. A great story and in sober style of filming, that is both very direct and convincing.

It is a wonderful account of the legend of El Bulli and its chef. And at the same time, it is impossible to grab the real meaning of Adrian Ferran, because you can’t taste the intriguing food. Only few people were lucky enough to get a seating in this Spanish culinary hot spot and experience the taste, texture and looks of the often complex food.

Seeing the film made me aware again that writing about the elements of beauty, can only be at its best, a good documentary. Only the experience of a beautiful organisation, is the proof of the pudding. All other things, although important, neatly told and instructive, are not the real experience.

Management book give many great examples of great companies, but one can never grabs what the experience of the company is, how it feels to work there, in the organisation. We remain the watchers of the film, who can be completely caught by the magic of the story and the people in the film, but can not experience the real thing.





Realising new experiences through clever design of organisation is always be at the heart of my work. The film reinforced the idea  to let hein duijnstee evolve into Stordes, a multi-branche European company for strategic organisation design, that provides these experience not only for customers, but also for the people who work at Stordes.


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