Monthly Archives: July 2011

When turning off the engine of your car, the info consol show the names of the people that designed and built your car. Your Ipad contains the names of the people who made it this innovation happen: from Steve, the boss, to Josh, the cook of the cafeteria at 1 Infinity Loop. You on-line bank account shows the names of the programmers that coded the banking systems and the people responsible for setting the rates.

At the end of every film we get a detailed  and sometimes nearly endless account of all involved in making the motion picture. Somebody just doing a (not always glamerous) job at the shoot, gets a piece of the fame. Every time we, as an audience, enjoy the illuminating  result of the teamwork, all involved get recognised for their contribution.

A strange anachronistic exhibition of narcism?

A nostalgic tradition?

Or inspiration for other organisations to applaud the people who do the actual work of producing what the company hopes its clients enjoy?

Public recognition of a personal contribution is a powerful means to show appreciation.  And it only requires a little creativity to actual find a way to show the names and make anonymous commodities personal and human again.

What good reasons are there,  to limit this element of beauty to Hollywood?