the beauty of the small distortion in #organisationdesign

In organisation there is an inclination towards order, predictability, similarity, squareness, repetition, patterns, symmetry. An inclination to prevent chaos, fuzziness, disorder, havoc.

This is in a way  very logical because the reason that organisations exist is to organise something, to make things work in a certain way. That is the whole point of an organisation. And organisations bring a lot of wealth and security, things people can not achieveindividually.

But this natural tendency to fight anarchy can become extreme, in either totalitarianism or boredom.

An alternative approach is to allow or even stimulate  small distortions in a pattern. It gives interesting tension, it leaves room for questions, it provides a dynamic that prevents a stalemate, it allows for evolution.

Designers and artists are master in applying the concept of distortion.

In the realm of organisations the idea of distortion has very useful applications. Managers discretion for special rewards outside the pay grids, to recognise both the employee and the manager. A certain slack in projects to allow for space to find new, not planned solutions. Variations in the workspace of people to cater for individuality. A brochure that not matches the design guided lines, but  changes the guide lines. Price variations that might trigger new customer behaviour. Some non-standard sized teams that give a special meaning to its members.

Distortion is not chaos, distortion exist only when there also is order. In that subtle contradiction lies its power and its beauty.




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