the meaning of coffee in #organisationdesign

Managing by the quality of the coffee.





People in organisations tend to gather at coffee machines and exchange the various kinds of information that make up the vibes of an organisation. The machines are scattered all over the organisation’s buildings and the quality of the coffee is more drab-like than barista-like. So only caffeine addiction and thirst drives us to these rather pitiful  meeting points of live interaction.

Starbucks proved that coffee can be of other dimensions. Not only in quality and variations of coffee, but also in terms of atmosphere.

Putting in some non-obvious places (at the end of the hall way of the R&D department or in the middle of a production facility, to name some places) a machine that makes the most excellent coffee, could indeed help to make these meeting points great places of interaction. Changing the venue regularly (without notifying anyone) will keep people moving and meeting in new and unexpected combinations.

When management decides that all this spontaneous interaction is just a waste of time, they can do the coffee trick again, but in opposite direction, and return the drab machine at every obvious place you can imagine.

Indeed, coffee can make a difference towards a nicer and more beautiful organisational environment.

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