the power of smile in #organisationdesign

The idea of smile is an unorthodox design principle in organisation design, but it can positively influence behavior in an organisation.

There are numerous organisation design principles. Design principles are a set of ideas and convictions that are leading in the decisions made with regard to shaping and forming an organisation. Design principles come in many forms and variations and cover various aspects of an organisation. One of these aspects is structure. Design principles in this field cover  ideas about the span of control, the allergy to matrices, conviction of the benefits of conglomerates, a love for customer segments.

Another design principle are about the interaction between people  such as driving responsibility down the hierarchy of an organisation, decision-making or installing a detailed process of monthly accountability.

Most of these design principles are based on management theory and experience.

A lot of organisations cherish a kind of serious professionalism, a way where convincing based on facts prevails (or the cleverness of politics). That is the way forward, that sets the examples, that is the norm.

Smile comes form another planet. It is a complete different dimension. Smile is about a positive approach. A smile makes people receptive, open. Ask something with a smile and chances that the other will help do increase. Smile as sign  of willingness to communicate, to open the dialogue, to be open to suggestions. And smile works in all directions in an organisation, up, down, horizontally.

Smile is an attitude that opens up relationships.  Smile is a kind of natural behaviour that should get a chance to flourish. Not in an artificial way, (plastic smiles have limited impact), but in true manner. Carefully applied it is a great instrument for designing organisations and providing natural beauty.


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