The beauty of bold moves in #organisationdesign and just managing the consequences

Bold moves are a great way to make a difference in organisations. Due to the intrinsic inclination of organisation to reduce spikes in performance and increase the predictability of behavior and outcome, boredom and mediocracy are more common than excitement and courage to excel. To break this suffocating grip of the day-to-day control, bold moves are an interesting medicine.

Apple has a longstanding strong position in the top three of most admired companies in various rankings. Apple makes continuously bold moves when it comes to design and shaking up the application and content side of personal computing and communications. These bold moves shape the company and the way it is organised.

At the same time Apple has a keen eye for detail and rigorously manages the consequences of its boldness. Apple is very disciplined in all aspects that help to emphasise the boldness of their moves. It solves some very difficult puzzles like the logistics of a worldwide introduction of a new product that is kept secret until the crafty unveiling of that product.

The boldness of some organising principles provide a competitive advantage. Zappos (an online shoe seller)  is good documented case where a sound level of weirdness is encouraged to create an atmosphere where employees really take the interest of customers at heart. Zappos’ growth figures are impressive.

Bold moves are inspiring. The sculpture Richard Serra made impressive bold moves in the Grand Palais in Paris.




The barely visible curve in the steel sheets guarantee that these impressive elements in this enormous building remain standing. Even though this small detail is important and complex to achieve, it is the boldness of the move that stands out.

Being bold in the organisation is a interesting concept and it needs hard work and discipline to manage the consequences. But the difference between the measure of boldness and the measure of management should be as large as possible, for boldness to be really beautiful.


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