the beauty of many more of the same (also in #organisationdesign )

There is a beauty in an extraordinary large collections of the same object. One Ferrari is quite beautiful, but a line-up of many is more impressive. Even more impressive is a row of 21 red ones of the same type. A unique and special sight. The beauty lies in the repetition of the same, not so much in the beauty of the single object. Shops apply this idea of awe when they mount an enormous pile of soup cans on the shop floor. Not hundreds but thousands, unbelievable many. For beauty ou really need disproportional amounts.

There are numerous examples where marketeers use the beauty of large numbers to let the product surpass the qualities of he single objects. Artist also use  vast repetitions of a simple object in a special setting. The Chinese artist Ai Weiwei puts 100 million hand painted porcelain sunflower seeds on the floor in the impressive Turbine Hall of the Tate Modern in London. The tiny object becomes part of something much bigger. The numbers make it meaningful and beautiful.

The largess of the numbers transcends the viewer to a new level of experience. Also with people that new experience can be created. Some of you may have experienced a football game of the Dutch national team with all the fans dressed in orange. It gives you the shivers. A party where all people are dressed in white has ta simular effect. The uniformity on a bigger scale makes it special. Even when cherishing the difference of the individuals, the power of temporally  giving up the uniqueness by dressing up in the same outfit and doing so unanimously and on a bigger than big scale is enormous. It is gratifying, it bonds and sticks to every attendants memory.

We might use this phenomena of many more of the same in management and organisational design, it can provide a rare sense of belonging. But only when we create in some very visual way, identical objects, in unique numbers and as an exception. Otherwise it proofs to be very uncool.


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