the beauty of a new heart beat

Ikea in the Netherlands is airing a new 15 sec commercial every day. Every day a different product is highlighted in a kind of undercooled, well-timed ad with a kind of funny, emotional clue.

It is special because it changes the heart beat of the company, the public and the agency that came up with the idea (lemz). It quickens the way you write, produce ads. It fastens all decision processes. It intensifies cooperation. It brings various functions together in unforeseen ways. It provides instantaneous  feed-back. This way of advertising avoids having to watch the same commercial for the same product every evening. It makes every day different as it is claimed by Ikea and proven by this amazing set of commercials.

The form and the message match. You proof to be different every day. And it requires to be different every day. New organisational interactions and dynamics are created  in the organisation and  functional marketing silo’s are perforated.

It has taken the (old-fashioned) deadline discipline of the daily newspaper into a new realm. Such trans disciplin  move is interesting although may-be more as a result of the idea of a daily ad, than as a thought out, strategic intention.

The organisational beauty lies in the innovation of pace. It changes the way people cooperate and organise themselves  in an exciting way, not always easy way, but in a very logical and clear way once the decision was taken to air a new ad every day. It changes the marketing communication cycle time from months to days.

And by doing that Ikea aligned its marketing communications with the fast and real-time operations of a contemporary and innovative retailer.


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